Send your music to industry's top music supervisors who are constantly on the lookout for songs that would fit their projects. We know how to make your music stand out in a highly competitive market, and our artists can get placed on major playlist shows, movies video games, and more.

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More Than Music Distribution

LOUDmusic ensures your sound is heard by everyone! Besides getting your music in amazing playlist, we submit music for sync licensing on TV, film or other media projects so the opportunities are limitless!- no hidden fees involved here just top notch recognition of what makes yours truly one awesome artist.

Get More Listeners

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Get Playlisted

We love to bring LOUDmusic artists to the spotlight with our music playlists. Artists can submit to Amazon playlist, Apple Music playlist, Youtube Music playlist, or make Spotify playlist submissions to our official playlist tastemakers for free!

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Pre-save & Smartlinks

Want your fans to miss out on your new music? Of course not! Get a free LOUDmusic SmartLink with Pre-Save every time you schedule a new release. Share your new music across all platforms before it drops and after, just by using one simple link!

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Next-Day Releases

We know you’re in a hurry and need to get your music live on Spotify & Apple Music stores ASAP. LOUDmusic will make sure that’s happens with little effort or time spent! Our Next Day Music Distribution will have your song out in as little as 24 hours.

How it Works

To start getting your music in playlist and films, follow these simple steps.


Upload Your Music​

LOUDmusic is a tool that allows you to distribute unlimited singles, or albums. You just upload your music and all the important info about the release like what platforms it can be listened on; we take care of everything else!​


We release it everywhere.​

When you upload your song to our platform, we’ll check it for compliance with Apple Music and Spotify’s guidelines. We’ll then send the release out across all major streaming services as well as provide a LOUDmusuc SmartLink so that fans can save their copy of your music before it drops!​


You get paid fast.

Once your release date arrives, and your music is distributed, you’ll make money every time it’s streamed or downloaded. All of the royalty earnings from LOUDmusic will be directly deposited into your account and you can add music promotion to your distributed music.​

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How To Get Music Placement In Films & Tv Shows?

Many music artists often think of many tactical ways to get their music placement on hit tv shows and movies. This is a drastic game changer in any music artist’s career. Music placements are one of the best options to achieve significant publicity for your music. This indeed can be lucrative, with a little good luck. Many musicians intend to earn their living off of music placements alone.

Just like any feature of the entertainment industry, it is vitally important to know the right people who will potentially help place your music in your desired ads or movies. And this includes taking a good amount of time in meeting the right people for that, building solid and honest right relationships with TV and movie producers who deliver the right songs.

One of the general misconceptions about TV placements and films is that you must sign a major record label to disclose your song. As a music producer yourself, it might be tough to land your music placement if you still do not perfectly fit in the music industry.

You are required to successfully establish yourself as a music producer and get concerned people to recognize you well. Preferably, music artists wish their soundtracks and previous works to be the music industry’s buzzing news. Therefore, it is mandated to stay connected with other music artists and get the chance to make your name thrive in the industry.

 For starters, you’d want to build a strong relationship with many music artists, managers, producers, studio owners as you can. This is indeed a struggle that every young independent music songwriter, composer, producer, or beat-maker must face to get their name out in the music industry. And for that, we are here to help you in your endeavors to thrive young song producers and help them collaborate with top-notch music production crews.

How To Submit Your Music For Sync Licensing?

Sync licensing has been the top priority for all music artists forever. Music songwriters, composers, and producers understand the comfort of simply sitting at their home studios, producing film-friendly music, and earning an excellent full-time or additional income.

All music artists need to know how to submit music for sync licensing. And the importance of their music to reach excellent quality and be precise of what their client requires. If Nike is searching for rock music and hip-hop undertones, your acoustic song has to reach their perspective to make your music stand apart.

When you are about to propose your music to the music licensing companies, you must follow their submission rules and guidelines. If they’re receiving submissions, they’ll indeed have policies.

So, if the submission regulations include emailing a concerned person at the company, the following are some dos and don’ts:

  • Make sure that you do not add MP3s
  • Only include the related links to your music (both the instrumental and the original) on, Soundcloud, or
  • Make sure to send only 1-3 pertinent songs and not your entire library.
  • Assure that you also Include who exactly you sound like in the email subject line, for instance, “Sounds like Imagine Dragons.”

However, the music licensing companies usually have a straightforward music submission procedure with detailed guidelines.


People intend to spend more of their time on YouTube than other social networks. To simply put it, the popularity of audio-video content is growing rapidly. So, if you have been looking to find music placement opportunities, it would be imprudent to avoid these social trends. There has never been the better time frame to get your music in the hands of music gurus, DJs, radio hosts, and major record label companies. Although it is an increasingly competitive and driven field, the need for music has likely increased than ever before.

You can get the opportunity to get your music placed in:

  • Films and movies
  • Commercial
  • Radio
  • Online videos or web series
  • Podcasts
  • Video games
  • Radio
  • And much more

These are some of the shortlists of profitable opportunities to get your music placement in your desired field. It is highly possible to get good options as a songwriter to get your music in front of a major record label company by directly going through the right music channel. In addition, you can even be given a contract by a label if your music lands in the right hands!