LOUDmusic helps you accelerate your independent music career with a complete set of easy-to-use digital tools.


Its possible to establish a successful independent music career that allows you to connect deeply with your fans and pursue your passions. Dont let gatekeepers and bad contracts hold you back.

We’re here to revolutionize the independent music journey through digital innovation.

LOUDmusic is the only subscription-based music distribution and marketing service that gives you complete control of your music brand in one platform.

Our digital tools empower you to release your music to all major streaming platforms, access music funding, buy beats, sync your music, develop brand assets, and cultivate a music community without sacrificing independence or ownership.

You shouldn’t need a record label to build a successful music career and fan base. We believe that music technology empowers you to overcome traditional barriers to entry and predatory practices in the music industry to create independent music career success

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Join LOUDmusic to become a member of our music community and fast-track your music career success.

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Learn how our digital tools help you take charge of your independent music journey.

Digital Music Distribution

Release your music to all major streaming platforms, while keeping 100% ownership of your music.

Music Funding

Finance your music career with royalty advances and other forms of music funding.

Sync Licencing

Make your music heard with sync placements for television, film, advertisements, trailers, and video games.

Beat Store

Shop our beat store to find the hottest beats for your next track.

Band Merch

Design and launch your band merch line with the click of a button.

Website for Musicians

Launch a mobile-responsive music website with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder.

Music Community

Connect with peers and cultivate your music community.

Get Access to an Unparalleled Customer Support Experience

Quality customer care is always our top priority.

We believe the best way to care for you and power your music career success is through creating a positive customer experience from start to finish. We’re here to listen to your feedback, help you overcome challenges, and invest in your music career success. That’s why our community of singers and songwriters trusts LOUDmusic to support them at every step of their independent music journey.

Join LOUDmusic to get unparalleled customer support and fast-track your music career success.

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